mardi 25 février 2020

Champagne Vincent Couche - Sensation 1997

Guide VERON des Champagnes 2017

(around 55 euros per bottle)
Organic Champagne

Original, elegant and uncluttered bottle.


Amber and solar.

Remarkably fine and dynamic bubbles.

Delicate bead of foam.

Generous tears. 


Fabulous, between and greed and sensuality.

Radiant aromas of caramel and pastries, gently mingled with notes of cocoa and roasted coffee, delicious expressions of the maturity of the cuvée, result of 17 years of patient ageing on laths of the bottles before disgorgement.

Later, the perfumes of candied red fruits couples with spirituous hints, signatures of the Pinot Noir from Buxeuil (50%), mingle with scents of apple, pear, apricot and raisin, characteristic signs of the Chardonnay from Montgueux (50%), highlighted by a life-giving breath.


Dense and deep opening.

The mouth becomes caressing, creamy and sensual, close to the fullness, reinforced by the judicious fulfillment of the malolactic fermentation of the base wines, enhanced by the vibrant minerality of the chalk.

Tasty and balanced finish, thanks to the adjusted dosage with 8 g/L of sugar added at disgorgement in April 2015, punctuated by soft spices.

Endless length on the palate.

With this restricted cuvée Sensation (5150 bottles), Vincent Couche delivers us a well-defined Champagne, gem of pleasure, to taste absolutely.

Even if it is self-sufficient, it will accompany with pleasure prawns skewers with thyme and garlic, for example.

Settled in Buxeuil, in the heart of the Côte des bar, the Champagne House Vincent Couche cultivates with care its 13 hectares of vineyard spread over Buxeuil and Montgueux. Converted to biodynamy since 2008 and constantly looking for natural balance, Vincent Couche tries his hardest to maintain the biodiversity of his wine estate to better respect terroirs. A gentle and inspired oenology, in wood, with parcelled vinification, without chapatalization nor yeast addition nor filtration, gives birth to around 80,000 bottles of rare Champagnes each year.

Champagne Vincent Couche
29 Grande Rue
10110 Buxeuil
Tel.: +33 (0)3 25 38 53 96
Fax.: +33 (0)3 25 41 69